BRC in Health Safety and Environment

BRC in Health Safety and Environment

BRC in Health Safety and Environment

Our BRC course within the Health Safety and Environment category is tailored for those aiming for excellence in senior management roles.

Key Benefits and Relevance:

Senior Management Commitment:

Emphasizes the commitment required from senior management for effective Health Safety and Environment practices.

The Food Safety Plan:

Focuses on creating comprehensive food safety plans vital for industry compliance.


In-depth exploration of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, a fundamental aspect of ensuring food safety.

Food Safety and Quality Management System:

Integrates food safety and quality management systems to meet industry standards.

Site Standards:

Establishes the standards necessary for maintaining a safe and compliant site.

Product Control:

Covers protocols for effective control over the production of various products.

Process Control:

Details the methods for maintaining control throughout the production process.


Highlights the critical role of personnel in ensuring health and safety standards.

High-Risk, High-Care, and Ambient High-Care Production Risk Zones:

Identifies and manages risks in production zones crucial for safety.

Requirements for Traded Products:

Outlines the specific requirements for products traded within the industry.

General Protocol:

Covers essential protocols necessary for comprehensive safety measures.

Audit Preparation:

Prepares individuals for the auditing process, ensuring readiness.

Announced Audit Protocol and Unannounced Audit Protocol:

Guides through both announced and unannounced audit scenarios.

Additional Modules:
Post Audit:

Covers the post-audit phase for effective follow-up and improvement.

Instructor: Dr. Mai Tag El Dien

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