Productivity Improvement

Productivity Improvement

Productivity Improvement

Explore our Productivity Improvement course, a consulting service designed to enhance the performance of processes and boost productivity at macro, micro, and nano levels.

Key Benefits & Features:

Focus on Business Objectives:

Revamp business processes to meet global challenges and achieve client's business objectives.

Client Objectives:

Address issues such as removing non-value-added activities, improving efficiency, enhancing staff capabilities, implementing accurate measurement systems, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Process and Productivity Improvement:

Measure output per unit of input, optimize processes, and benchmark for increased productivity. Understand the impact on wage negotiations, inflation rates, business decisions, and more.

Benefits of Productivity Improvement Consulting:

Reduce unwanted costs and create revenue opportunities.
Increase employee and company productivity.
Enhance analytical and problem-solving skills.
Identify non-value-added activities, unutilized resources, waiting times, bottlenecks, actual costs, and cycle times.
Improved Customer Satisfaction.
Improved Bottom Line (Net Profit).

Instructor: R. Wilfred Raju

Multiple technology expertise: Microsoft, JAVA, Open source, Mobile computing, Embedded, and ERP.
26+ years of rich experience in Process & Productivity improvement assignments and process consulting.

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