Dr. Mai Tag Eldien

About: Dr. Mai Tag Eldien

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Dr. Mai Momtaz Tag El Dien is an accomplished veterinarian and food safety expert with extensive experience and a strong academic background. With a Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medicine, specializing in Food Quality and Control, from Benha University, she has continuously pursued further education and certifications to enhance her expertise.

Her career highlights include roles such as Training Manager for the Hajj Project 1444, where she conducted inspections and provided food safety training for a large number of trainees. She has also served as a Quality Manager for Ministry of Hajj Buildings, demonstrating her ability to manage and ensure adherence to rigorous standards.

Dr. Tag El Dien has worked on prestigious projects like the FIFA Football World Cup, where she conducted inspections according to international standards and coordinated with relevant ministries to ensure compliance. Her experience extends to various sectors, including hospitality, as she has audited and provided training for hotels and restaurants.

As a consultant and tutor, she has shared her expertise with numerous organizations and educational institutions, both in-person and through e-learning platforms. Her passion for food safety is evident in her founding of the Food Zone project, aimed at raising awareness among housewives and children.

An accomplished speaker, Dr. Tag El Dien has presented at multiple scientific conferences and events, showcasing her knowledge and contributing to the advancement of the field. She is also recognized as an approved auditor for MacDonald's Egypt and has conducted a significant number of audits and training sessions throughout her career.

With her comprehensive understanding of food safety principles, coupled with her excellent communication and leadership skills, Dr. Mai Momtaz Tag El Dien continues to make valuable contributions to the field of veterinary medicine and food safety.