IT Portfolio Rationalization

IT Portfolio Rationalization

IT Portfolio Rationalization

Our IT Portfolio Rationalization course is designed to optimize your IT investments, ensuring alignment with business objectives and maximizing returns through a disciplined and methodological approach.

Key Benefits & Features:

Alignment with Business Strategies:

Ensure IT spending aligns with business strategies and priorities for effective investment objectives.

Optimized Application and Projects Portfolios:

Streamline application and project portfolios for efficiency and consistency.

Alignment with Corporate Strategic Objectives:

Ensure projects and programs align seamlessly with corporate strategic objectives.

Elimination of Non-Value Added Processes and Projects:

Identify and retire non-value-added processes and projects, optimizing resources.

Efficient and Consistent Process Re-engineering:

Re-engineer processes for increased efficiency and consistency.

Increased ROI and Reduced TCO:

Extract maximum value from application-related expenditures, increasing ROI and reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Gradual Reduction of Maintenance and Support Costs:

Strategically reduce IT spending on maintenance and support costs over time.

Resource Reallocation for Critical Projects:

Redirect resources to accelerate more important projects, ensuring strategic focus.

Benefits of ITPR Consulting:

Improved customer satisfaction through strategic IT alignment.
Enhanced bottom-line profitability.
Reduction of unwanted costs for a leaner and more efficient IT landscape.

Instructor: R. Wilfred Raju

Multiple technology expertise: Microsoft, JAVA, Open source, Mobile computing, Embedded, and ERP.
Hands-on operations management knowledge in various business processes.
Expertise in diverse sectors: Human Resource Management, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, Shipping, and Supply Chain Management.

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