Certified Cyber Expert and Investigator (CCEI)

Certified Cyber Expert and Investigator (CCEI)

Certified Cyber Expert and Investigator (CCEI)

Elevate your cybercrime investigation skills with our Certified Cyber Expert and Investigator (CCEI) course—an advanced computer forensics training program pioneered by Pristine InfoSolutions in India. This comprehensive course covers major aspects of cybercrime investigation techniques, providing real-world insights and addressing legal complexities.

Key Benefits & Features:

Advanced Cybercrime Investigation:

Highly developed course covering all major aspects of cybercrime investigation techniques.

Real-World Application:

Presents a detailed methodological approach to cybercrime investigation and evidence analysis.

Hands-on Experience:

Comprehensive coverage of major investigation scenarios, offering hands-on experience with standard forensic tools.

Learning Objectives:
Detection and Analysis Techniques:

Acquire skills to detect hacking attacks and execute computer investigation and analysis techniques.

Legal Evidence Identification:

Determine potential legal evidence and understand the rules of evidence and digital evidence examination.

Prosecution and Audits:

Gather necessary evidence to prosecute perpetrators and conduct audits to prevent future attacks.

Intruder Footprint Identification:

Identify an intruder's footprints and investigate cybercrime, understanding the relevant cyber laws.

Who Can Take This Course?

Information Security Officers
IT Managers
Chief Security Officers
IT Auditors
Individuals involved in protecting organization’s reputation and information assets.


To attain the CCEI certification, candidates must possess prior ethical hacking/cybersecurity knowledge, a firm understanding of hacking concepts, or completion of the CISEH training program. IT security work experience is also beneficial.

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